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Online Video Metrics That Really Matter for B2B, B2C, and Influencer Marketers


In the second of our series, we take a deep-dive into the online video metrics that really matter for B2B, and B2C brands and marketers, as well as for Influencer marketing teams.

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16 of the Best YouTube April Fool's Day Pranks (So Far)


It’s become an annual tradition for YouTube, often in conjunction with Google, to pull some kind of prank on the public on April 1st. Just before this year’s April Fool’s Day, we take a look back at some of the

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No, Marketers, Not All Video is Created Equal


Instead of developing a coherent strategy for their videos, many brands often often just “throw it at the wall and see what sticks.” Video is pushed out everywhere, without any identifiable goals to measure success. While that may be better

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Why Aren't More Brands Embedding Their YouTube Videos on Their Websites?

Embedding a YouTube video on a website landing page couldn’t be easier, and adding that content will help drive views and engagement to your YouTube channel. So why aren’t more brands who are creating videos that promote their products and

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Twitter Video Player: Native Uploads Only Please, No YouTube

Details about the new Twitter video player have been spotted, and they give users some insight into what they can expect. One feature is that videos have to be directly uploaded to Twitter, so no YouTube links or embeds allowed.

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