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Real vs Fake News: Which One Is Winning in the World of Online Video?


‘Fake News’ is the buzzword of the moment, with the term attracting huge amounts of attention from media companies, authentic journalists, video marketers, and political observers. But is fake news really stealing views from real news when it comes to

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Is Facebook Video the New Platform for Climate Change Discussion?


Climate change is an issue that generates passionate headlines around the world. It’s also driving views and engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Vine, and Instagram.

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VICE News: Using Social Video to Target and Engage Millennials


VICE has become one of the world’s leading go-to news and current affairs resources for under 34 year olds. How? By bringing back good old-fashioned journalism in the digital video age.

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The Industry Experts Guide to Building Your Brand on YouTube

The meteoric growth of YouTube has given brands the opportunity to reach their target audiences directly, without having to go via traditional broadcast channels. At the 2014 ReelSummit, industry experts discussed how brands can capitalize on the popularity of YouTube,

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