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How The Enthusiast Network Became the Top Auto-related Video Content Brand in the US


The Enthusiast Network (TEN) routinely pulls in over three billion monthly video views from more than 160 million fans across all its platforms. Find out the strategy behind the #1 auto-related video content brand in the U.S.

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Branded Content & Online Video: Top Takeaways from Three Industry Leaders


There are a huge number of opportunities around online video, but how can brands successfully monetize and thrive in this rapidly changing world? Three top industry thought leaders share their knowledge about branded content in the online video space.

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List of Video Sharing Web Sites Like YouTube – Share Your Videos [Updated]


We’ve updated our list of video sharing websites like YouTube. Find out about the main video sites that let you to share & upload video online for free.

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Live Streaming vs Video on Demand: Why Brands Need to Consider Both


Adoption of live-streaming video by brands has soared in the last few years, due to apps like Periscope, and new features like Facebook Live. Even YouTube is rumored to be launching an live-streaming app called YouTube Connect. It’s a trend

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How Twitch is Building a Huge Gamer Community to Rival YouTube


In 2015, the average Twitch user watched over 130 more minutes of video each month than the average YouTube viewer. In fact, the average Twitcher is on the site for over 7 hours per month, and that’s a huge marketing

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Gaming on YouTube: The New Gaming PR Machine


Gaming on YouTube has been around since the platform launched, but recently the work of video game content creators has received the exposure and respect it deserves both from other gamers as well as major game publishers alike.

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Why YouTube Will Be Better Off Without Google Plus


In a bid to overhaul the comments system on YouTube, Google forced users to integrate with its social platform, Google Plus. But now Google has reversed the decision, which is good news for YouTube users, and probably for YouTube itself

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YouTube Updates: No Lull in War on Troll Comments, Better Mobile Experience for All


YouTube is updating the site with 10 new shiny things to provide a better experience for all. New features include better comment management to flush out those trolls, plus access to more analytics data via mobile devices.

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12 Slides That Every Video Marketer Should Read Right Now


These days, there are so many stats around video content and viewer behavior that it takes a real expert to pull out the information most valuable to video marketing teams. We take a look at 12 of the most important

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Are You Misleading Viewers? How-to Best Disclose Sponsored Videos & Why [How-To's Day #4]

It’s a fact that many online video creators are still not disclosing sponsorships they received for some of their video content, and that’s totally against current FTC guidelines. In this week’s How To’s Day, we discuss how you can properly

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