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VidCon Europe 2017: 15 Takeaways for the Online Video Industry


VidCon came to Europe last week. Catch our top tips and takeaways plus our exclusive interview with VidCon co-founder and YouTube superstar Hank Green.

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17 Tips from the Industry and Creator Tracks at VidCon 2016


VidCon 2016 may be over, but we bring you 17 of the best tips we picked up from the Creator and Industry Track seminars at this year’s event.

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How Your B2B Business Can Get Real Long-Tail Value From YouTube


A solid YouTube long-tail marketing campaign can really boost the reach and effectiveness of your B2B videos. We take a look at some of the ways companies can make their video content continue to work long after the upload.

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Top 7 Social Video Tips & Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World


There were some amazing takeaways and tips for brands, creators, and video marketers from this year’s Social Media Marketing World. We’re a long way from the days when social media marketers viewed video and YouTube as a small piece of

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How-to Discover Trending Videos: 6 Ways to Search Social Media Like a Pro


If you want to generate truly engaging video content, you’ll need to put in time and effort to research and discover the trending topics that will appeal to your target audience on social media. Using the following tips and tools

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How-To Get a YouTube Custom URL With Just 100 Subscribers


YouTube has lowered the number of subscribers a channel needs before it can claim a custom URL. Now you can change your YouTube channel’s URL even if you only have 100 subscribers. We show you how in 5 easy steps.

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6 Killer Tips to Make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop


A great custom thumbnail for your video is one of the best ways of encouraging viewers to click through, especially if they unfamiliar with your content. We bring you 6 best practice tips to make sure you are optimizing these

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17 Video Marketing Tips for a Winning Strategy [Free Whitepaper]


Do you want to keep up with best practice in optimising, distributing, and marketing your video content? At ReelSEO, we’ve put together 17 of our best and most effective video marketing tips in a free whitepaper that you can download

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Silence is Golden: Be Quiet and Let Your Video Speak for Itself


The online video space is more crowded than ever, but one way to stand out from your competitors is to produce a really well-made, compelling and engaging ‘silent video’. Sometimes images can say more than words ever can.

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How-to Post a Pre-recorded, Edited Video to Instagram


Instagram Video is an incredibly important platform for brands and marketers, and the more professional you can make the content, the better. We take you through a quick guide to uploading a pre-made, edited video to Instagram.

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