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The BBC at #NewFronts2017: Combating ‘Fake News’ With ‘Slow News’


BBC News is available to viewers around the world, and at NewFronts 2017, the organization confirmed its commitment to continue making in depth news stories available to all.

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It’s Not YouTube’s Fault: Blame the ‘Magazine Format’ for the State of Video Advertising


Video advertising has its roots in the ‘magazine format’ used to sell ads in the early days of TV. YouTube is just making it work for the digital video marketing business.

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CNN: Billions of Online Video Views Means it’s More Than Just a Cable News Network


Videos uploaded by official CNN properties have generated over 8.4 Billion views across all the main social video platforms since 2007. That makes it so much more than a cable news network. In fact it’s a prime target for online

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Real vs Fake News: Which One Is Winning in the World of Online Video?


‘Fake News’ is the buzzword of the moment, with the term attracting huge amounts of attention from media companies, authentic journalists, video marketers, and political observers. But is fake news really stealing views from real news when it comes to

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A Day in the Life: BBC Worldwide's YouTube Channel Manager Thomas Martin


BBC Worldwide on YouTube carries some of the corporation’s most well-known content, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Top Gear. We talked to its Senior YouTube Channel Manager who takes us through his day, and tells us about his biggest challenges

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2016 Olympic Games: Vital Lessons in Tent-Pole Video Marketing


The 2016 Olympics is a major tent-pole event for video marketers. But even though the Games have started, there are still huge opportunities for engaging with an audience via live-streaming, and breaking news content.

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TV Sized Football Audiences on YouTube for UEFA Euro 2016


Euro 2016 is the second most popular football tournament in the world after the World Cup, and fans of the game are turning to YouTube in their millions to catch the latest football-related content. A new report from Tubular confirms

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Social Video Way More Important than TV for Generation Z


13-24 years olds, or Generation Z, are consuming far more free, and paid, online video than TV on average these days. And they are becoming more reliant than ever on social video to connect them to the outside world, and

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Late Night Television's Takeover of YouTube


Late night television stars like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Corden are not only huge hits on TV, they are also generating massive views and engagement for their online video content. We take a look at late night television’s

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The Fine Bros Backlash and the Problem with Licensing Video Content


This week, YouTube megastars The Fine Bros announced that they are offering a licensing deal on their “React” video series, but this has caused a huge outcry among other creators who say Fine Bros Entertainment have no hold on the

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