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Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Using Copyrighted Music On YouTube


Do you want to use music in your YouTube videos but are unsure about the copyright issues? Do you want to use licensed tracks but not sure where to start? We answer 10 of the most pressing questions that creators

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VidCon 2015 Haul: Trends, Strategic Insights, Critical Data, and Tactical Advice


VidCon 2015 was a must-attend event for brands and video marketing teams, and we bring you news on the latest trends in the digital video marketing business, along with strategic insights, critical data, and tactical advice from the Industry Track.

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YouTube Updates: No Lull in War on Troll Comments, Better Mobile Experience for All


YouTube is updating the site with 10 new shiny things to provide a better experience for all. New features include better comment management to flush out those trolls, plus access to more analytics data via mobile devices.

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How-to Transfer a YouTube Channel to a Different Google+ Page or Profile

Moving your YouTube Channel to a different Google+ Business Page or Profile just got a lot easier with the help of a new Transfer Tool feature from Google. If you wish to change the associated G+ Page or Profile you

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Why the New Kraft Heinz Company Needs to Raise its Game on YouTube

Kraft and Heinz have announced they are to merge, creating the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. This business move creates a potential goldmine for the new company in terms of increased engagement and visibility on YouTube, a

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How-to Optimize Email Settings for Your YouTube Channel [#TubeTalk #59]

YouTube has a number of email settings that you can optimize. Whether that’s turning notifications on or off, or using email to empower fans to subscribe to your YouTube channel. We discuss these options, and more, in this week’s ReelSEO

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How-to Only See Videos From the YouTube Channels You Subscribe To

If you are active on YouTube and watch a lot of content, the site will populate your signed-in home page with other recommended videos it thinks you will like. This amount of info can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so

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YouTube Creator Discovery Handbook Part 1: Watch Time and Getting Found

YouTube has released another resource, aimed at video creators and marketers who want to get the most out of the site. The new YouTube Creator Discovery Handbook is full of advice, especially for those new to video marketing. In this

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