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#Oscars 2017: Which Best Picture Nominated Movie Trailers Generated the Most Engagement?


‘La La Land’ looks set to pick up a truckload of trophies at the Academy Awards, but which Best Picture nominated movie trailers for the 2017 Oscars found the most engagement with viewers online? We take a look, and join

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No Movie Trailer Is Without Sin: CinemaSins Review 2016 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture


When it comes to movie trailers for the 2016 Best Picture Nominees, viewer engagement is higher on Facebook than on YouTube. Across all social video platforms, there has been a 236% increase in views compared to the same time last

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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Final Trailer Generates 130M Views, Helps Smash Box Office Records


The new full-length trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has set the Internet alight again this week. All the buzz helped generate over 83M video views for the clip across YouTube and Facebook in the first few days alone.

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Could 2015 Be The Year YouTube REALLY Takes Off?

YouTube has witnessed unprecedented growth since Google acquired it in 2006. But could 2015 be the biggest year yet in the site’s history? We take a look at some of the possible changes ahead for YouTube, and what that could

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