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A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Video Sensation Jukin Media


Jukin Media is home to some of the most famous viral clips on the Internet, and if you have ever searched for fail videos or cute animal clips, the chances are you have landed on a channel owned by the

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9 Ways to Rock Your YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Are you getting the best ROI from your Influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube? We take a look at 9 ways you can rock your digital video strategy to get the most out of your content.

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17 Tips from the Industry and Creator Tracks at VidCon 2016


VidCon 2016 may be over, but we bring you 17 of the best tips we picked up from the Creator and Industry Track seminars at this year’s event.

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Beyond YouTube: Why MCNs are Looking to Other Video Platforms for New Opportunities


YouTube provided the perfect incubator for growing the Multichannel Network model, but now many MCNs are looking for opportunities beyond the site, to benefit the network, its stable of creators, the brands they collaborate with, and the platforms they publish

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Video Creators: How-to Properly Disclose Paid Endorsement Deals


The FTC has very specific and clear guidance on how to disclose paid endorsements in video content. Any time an endorsement is made as a result of a relationship with a sponsor, the video creator must make this clear in

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Attn Brands: Discover a GoldMine of 2M+ Video Creators via Tubular Creator Profiles


Many brands understand the immense power Influencer marketing can have on reaching the right audience. But how do you find the right Influencer to help endorse or promote your product on YouTube, Facebook Video, Vine, or Instagram Video? Tubular Creator

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Are You Misleading Viewers? How-to Best Disclose Sponsored Videos & Why [How-To's Day #4]

It’s a fact that many online video creators are still not disclosing sponsorships they received for some of their video content, and that’s totally against current FTC guidelines. In this week’s How To’s Day, we discuss how you can properly

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5 Things You NEED to Know Before Creating Sponsored Video Content

Can sponsored content can ever really flourish on YouTube when so many viewers react so badly against it? Yes, absolutely! But it needs to be done right. Read our 5 top tips for creating the best type of endorsement videos.

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