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CNN: Billions of Online Video Views Means it’s More Than Just a Cable News Network


Videos uploaded by official CNN properties have generated over 8.4 Billion views across all the main social video platforms since 2007. That makes it so much more than a cable news network. In fact it’s a prime target for online

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8 Reasons Why Consumers Will Watch and Engage With Your Video


Did you know that there are eight different kinds of emotion that drive viewership of video from consumers? Find out which emotions trigger the need to watch, and engage with, video content.

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Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out [Report]

A new report from Nielsen confirms that digital TV consumption is growing at a phenomenal rate, while traditional broadcast TV viewing is on the decline. That being said, TV still accounts for an average of about 141 hours watched each

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Adobe, Nielsen to Measure Online Video Reach, But What About Engagement?

Adobe and Nielsen have just announced they are collaborating to track and measure digital assets including online video, and online TV. But the new system can only measure online video in terms of reach, and size of audience, when engagement

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18-34 Year Olds Are Watching 53% More Online Video [Study]

With digital video now available on an unprecedented number of devices, U.S. based 18-34 year olds are watching 53% more of it than this time in 2013. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just the Millennials who are

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Forget Video Marketing, It’s All About Social Media Marketing

Perhaps online video marketers and video content producers would get a seat at the table and bigger budgets if they positioned YouTube as the second largest social media site instead of the largest video sharing site. YouTube only started to

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Unruly Rolls Out Nielsen OCR for Video Advertisers, Marketers

Three-quarters of video views happen outside of YouTube, so it’s vital that publishers and advertisers have the data available to measure reach, share, and performance. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides clients with those metrics, and they have partnered with Unruly

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