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Why Your Video Needs Music (And Where To Get it)


Music adds depth to an online video, and keeps the viewer engaged throughout. A great soundtrack can make a good video into a great one – but how do you source the music you need?

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Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Using Copyrighted Music On YouTube


Do you want to use music in your YouTube videos but are unsure about the copyright issues? Do you want to use licensed tracks but not sure where to start? We answer 10 of the most pressing questions that creators

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The Fine Bros Backlash and the Problem with Licensing Video Content


This week, YouTube megastars The Fine Bros announced that they are offering a licensing deal on their “React” video series, but this has caused a huge outcry among other creators who say Fine Bros Entertainment have no hold on the

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Why User-generated Video Needs the Same Protection as Branded Content


User-generated video content is often openly freebooted, with third parties monetizing that stolen content with little legal consequence. But UGC video deserves the same kind of rights management that branded content enjoys, but too many amateur creators are unaware of

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Video Production and Copyright: Protect Yourself In Agreements!

If you produce video, then understanding the basics of copyright law will stand you in good stead for avoiding conflicts with clients. It could even help you negotiate effectively to earn extra revenue from your productions. If you know your

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