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Video Marketing Review of the Year: The Top 15 ReelSEO Posts of 2015


2015 was a momentous year in video marketing, so let’s take a look back at 15 of the most read, shared, and talked-about ReelSEO posts of 2015. These are the articles that offered the best strategic insights, critical data, tactical

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Facebook Content ID for Video is Coming, Addresses Freebooting


The issue of freebooted video content being uploaded to Facebook is a serious issue for many media companies, brands, and creators. But today, Facebook has publicly addressed the problem and promised more robust rights management for licensed video content.

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Why Vine Compilations are Taking Off on Facebook


Vine is the third most popular video platform in terms of views, but the micro-videos are also a huge hit on Facebook, as Vine aggregator pages upload the 6 second videos to their own fans.

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Why Each Social Video Platform Needs its Own Story Telling Strategy


Did you know that the most popular type of video content on Instagram revolves around pop culture, or that user-generated videos uploaded to Facebook tend to do better than other types of video uploaded to the networking site? Each of

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Facebook Raises its Video Game with Revenue Share for Creators


There were 56.4 Billion video views on Facebook in June 2015, compared to 34.8 Billion views for YouTube. Now, some creators and brands will get the chance to monetize their video content on Facebook as part of an ad revenue

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Why User-generated Video Needs the Same Protection as Branded Content


User-generated video content is often openly freebooted, with third parties monetizing that stolen content with little legal consequence. But UGC video deserves the same kind of rights management that branded content enjoys, but too many amateur creators are unaware of

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Your Quick Guide to Reporting Freebooted Videos to Facebook


Freebooting continues to be a serious issue for a huge number of creators who are seeing their video content being redistributed with no credit at all. It’s a very real problem on Facebook, and in our handy guide, we take

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Viral Video Roundup April 2015: Are Facebook Fans More Engaged?


Some of the videos that went viral in April saw a huge difference in views and engagement on Facebook compared to YouTube. Yes, autoplay is a factor, but are fans on Facebook just more engaged than those on YouTube?

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Viral Video Roundup for March 2015: Bacon, Eggs and Batman

We take a look at some of the most successful branded video ads and user-generated content that went viral in March 2015, and discuss what lessons video marketers can learn from them.

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