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Snackable Content About Snacks: Why Tastemade’s Facebook Videos Are Working


With over 24.5 Million followers on Facebook alone, Tastemade is taking full advantage of food’s online popularity. We take a closer look at how Tastemade makes their most popular videos, and how other publishers can gain some helpful tips about

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The Top Facebook Video Publishers: April 2017 Most-Popular


Viral Thread, Ladbible, Food Network, The Daily Mail, and NTD were some of the most-watched publishers on Facebook for video content in April 2017. Take a look at the brand new Tubular Leaderboard for top Facebook creators for more information.

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Facebook Dwell Time: What Video Marketers Need to Know


While engagements are still a powerful indicator of how your content is performing on Facebook, there’s another metric the social media platform has started prioritizing: dwell time. We take a look at dwell time, and what it means for your

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Going to #NewFronts2017? Get Your Exclusive Tubular Tear Sheets Today!


Going to #NewFronts2017? Get one of our exclusive Tubular Tear Sheets and have key benchmarks & at-a-glance data on each presenter at your fingertips.

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How Social Video Helped Kat Von D Build a Beauty Empire


Kat Von D, tattoo artist & reality TV star, partnered with Sephora in 2008 to launch Kat Von D Beauty, and has since built an impressive cosmetics empire with the help of social video.

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How to Leverage Online Video to Get the Most Out of The European Market [Report]


Online video is booming in Europe, but what social video insights and trends should you be aware of to achieve success in that region? Download our exclusive report today.

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8 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live Video


Publishers and brands who want to step up their live content game don’t need to look any farther than Facebook Live. We bring you 8 killer content ideas to make the most out of your Facebook Live strategy.

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Trump-Related Videos Have Grown Saturday Night Live’s YouTube Channel by 48%


The political climate in the U.S. has proven to be a goldmine of comedy content for Saturday Night Live, and its online video uploads has struck a chord with many viewers, particularly on YouTube.

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Publishers Get Ready: All Facebook Videos To Autoplay with Sound on Mobile


Facebook has announced that all videos in the News Feed on mobile are to autoplay with sound as users scroll past. So, publishers need to ensure that any background music or sound effects enhance, rather than detract from, the viewer

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What Marketers Need to Know About the Changes Coming to Facebook and YouTube


Both Facebook and YouTube have announced some pretty important changes to their video advertising formats well in advance. So what do marketers need to know to keep ahead of the game?

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