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How Your B2B Business Can Get Real Long-Tail Value From YouTube


A solid YouTube long-tail marketing campaign can really boost the reach and effectiveness of your B2B videos. We take a look at some of the ways companies can make their video content continue to work long after the upload.

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How Reddit Helped Grow This YouTube Channel by Almost 6000% in 30 days


Who would have thought that a YouTube channel whose only content revolves around crushing mundane everyday items with an hydraulic press would generate over 41M views in just 30 days. That’s the power of community engagement on Reddit.

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Donald Trump Knows How to Promote, But Not on YouTube


Donald Trump is the king of self-promotion, but not when it comes to YouTube. We take a deep dive into his official YouTube channel to review the content, promotion, optimization, and community strategy of this 2016 Presidential Candidate.

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Top 9 Things I Learned From the Industry Track at VidCon 2015


The Industry Track at VidCon 2015 was a goldmine of information for video marketers and industry professionals. We bring you the top 9 tips we took away from the two day event, including how to get the most out of

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Why Aren't More Brands Embedding Their YouTube Videos on Their Websites?

Embedding a YouTube video on a website landing page couldn’t be easier, and adding that content will help drive views and engagement to your YouTube channel. So why aren’t more brands who are creating videos that promote their products and

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Facebook and Freebooting: Is Enough Being Done to Protect Video Creators?

Freebooting is the act of uploading other people’s original content for personal gain, and it is becoming a huge issue in online video. Facebook doesn’t have a comprehensive copyright tracking feature right now, and too many users are getting away

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11 Guaranteed Reasons Why No-one is Watching Your Video Content

It’s an indisputable fact that using video as part of your marketing strategy can be incredibly effective. But what if, despite all of your efforts, your videos are attracting few views, and even less engagement? We show you 11 ways

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Direct Video Uploads Surpass YouTube Shares on Facebook – For First Time!

For the first time ever, user-uploaded video content on Facebook has overtaken YouTube uploads to the social networking site, with the Facebook video auto-play feature taking credit for the increase in popularity.

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