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Dear YouTube: We Love You But You Need an A/B Testing Feature


A/B testing is a proven way of determining which of your web properties performs best with users and delivers the best ROI. YouTube provides some incredible analytics features, but the ability to split-test videos, titles, descriptions, and thumbnails would provide

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6 Ways to Promote Your Music Video on YouTube (if You're Not as Big as Taylor Swift)


Music is one of THE most popular categories on YouTube, and the video site is a very powerful promotional tool for both amateur, and professional, musicians. Competition is fierce, but you don’t have to be Taylor Swift to generate views

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How-to Post a Pre-recorded, Edited Video to Instagram


Instagram Video is an incredibly important platform for brands and marketers, and the more professional you can make the content, the better. We take you through a quick guide to uploading a pre-made, edited video to Instagram.

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How-to Set Up a Professional Green Screen: 7 Tips for Video Creators

Using green screen gives an incredibly professional finish to any video production, whatever the scale. But get it wrong, and it in can be a nightmare to put right in post-production. We have 7 really solid tips for video creators

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The No Fuss Guide to Creating a Killer Vlog

Vlogging is the ideal way for the independent creator to get a foot in the door of online video. But if you are starting from scratch, the set-up and production process can seem a little overwhelming. We show you how

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How-to Record an Online Video Interview in Google Hangouts [Creators Tip #173]

Google Hangouts are a great way to record a video interview with multiple participants. You can record in private and then publish straight to your YouTube channel within the hour. We show you how, in this week’s Creator’s Tip.

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Facebook Most Popular Social Network For Video Sharing [Study]

Consumers are turning to video to capture those special moments in their lives, and they are using Facebook, and YouTube to share that content with their friends and family. Video is also being used as a medium by consumers to

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YouTube Hovercards, Video Trimming, and Thumbnail Essentials [TubeTalk #37]

What is the YouTube hovercard and why is it important? How do you edit out a part of a video you don’t want from an already-published video using Enhancements? How do you make YouTube thumbnails that will be clicked? We

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Saturday Night Live’s Editor Adam Epstein on His Cutting Room Secrets

We had the privilege of catching up recently with Adam Epstein, who has been a key member of the Saturday Night Live editorial team since 2009. He agreed to share his tips and secrets about delivering great stories in a

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