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Time Inc. Takes a Shot at Fake News by Telling #NewFronts2017 to ‘Get Real’


At #NewFronts 2017, Time Inc asserted that its properties could be trusted amid the furore around fake news, and brand safety concerns around social media advertising.

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Is YouTube Becoming the World's Most Important Resource for Modern History?


For the past 100 years, news corporations and filmmakers have been frantically capturing the most important events of a generation on camera. Now, millions of minutes of that footage is being uploaded to YouTube for today’s student, teacher, and history

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What Can Big Cities Learn about Online Video Strategy from the Town of Gilbert, Arizona?


Gilbert, Arizona, population 237K, is using online video, and other digital initiatives, to better serve, and also better engage with, its citizens, and its visitors. There are many things that bigger cities can learn from this strategy, especially how the

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VICE News: Using Social Video to Target and Engage Millennials


VICE has become one of the world’s leading go-to news and current affairs resources for under 34 year olds. How? By bringing back good old-fashioned journalism in the digital video age.

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Illuminate Your Film Career With Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut

World-renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, director of 18 Hollywood blockbusters such as Act Of Valor, and Need For Speed, and branded commercials for Ford, Amex, and Visa, is sharing his knowledge in a series of workshops around the U.S. We caught

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