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Viral Video Roundup for February 2015: Speed Dating & Power Rangers

We take a look at some of the most successful branded ads and user-generated video content that has gone viral this month, and discuss what lessons marketers can learn from them.

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How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Mobile Devices [#TubeTalk #61]

Half of all YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices so what is the best way to optimize your videos for mobile? On this week’s TubeTalk podcast we discuss getting the most out of your mobile traffic analytics, explain the difference

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Vidcon 2015 Welcomes ReelSummit – Exclusive Discount for Industry Track

For those of you that have been lucky enough to attend our annual ReelSummit event, where we brought marketers, brands, retailers, and storytellers together to celebrate the business of video, we have some news for you. The good news is

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Are You Misleading Viewers? How-to Best Disclose Sponsored Videos & Why [How-To's Day #4]

It’s a fact that many online video creators are still not disclosing sponsorships they received for some of their video content, and that’s totally against current FTC guidelines. In this week’s How To’s Day, we discuss how you can properly

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How YouTube Can Overcome the Strategic Threat From Facebook

There’s no doubt that Facebook poses a real threat to YouTube’s dominance when it comes to video reach. But, a new focus on generating engagement via YouTube advertising may just prevent Facebook from cutting off the ad revenues that YouTube

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The Art of Persuasion: 5 Viral Videos You Didn't Know Were Ads

Great storytelling can make or break a video marketing campaign, and some of the very best viral video ads of the past few years took the viewer on an emotional journey rather than dragged them along on a sales-pitch. We

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How-to Calculate ROI from Adding Closed Captions to YouTube

Captioning on YouTube is a much discussed topic among YouTubers with the cost usually being the main concern. To help alleviate some of this uncertainty, 3Play Media has introduced a free tool that will calculate the Return on Investment of

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How To Promote Your Business or Brand With AdWords for Video [#TubeTalk #60]

Adwords for Video is a great way of promoting your business on YouTube, and on this week’s ReelSEO Tubetalk podcast we not only discuss this advertising option, but also give you a tip on how to grow your YouTube subscriber

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How-to Set Up a Professional Green Screen: 7 Tips for Video Creators

Using green screen gives an incredibly professional finish to any video production, whatever the scale. But get it wrong, and it in can be a nightmare to put right in post-production. We have 7 really solid tips for video creators

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No Movie Trailer Is Without Sin – CinemaSins Review 2015 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture

The 2015 Academy Awards are just days away and ReelSEO enlisted YouTube stars CinemaSins to review the movie trailers for the 8 films nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.

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